Our showroom

Products and decorations selected on the basis of our thirty years of experience.
Elegant designs, harmonious colors, carefully chosen to meet all the professional needs of the horticultural sector in particular.
The names of the following decorations are inspired by our cities being a purely Italian design.
Our manufacture (100% ceramic) with purely Italian design offers advantageous prices, both in terms of products and services.

With pride, we can tell you that our products are used by prestigious groups of Dutch growers and exporters, home of the flower and nursery sector.
All our creations comply with the latest environmental impact regulations, keeping both the care and the quality of the product high.
The products in our Showroom are purely illustrative, they are just some of the historical lines of our vast assortment,
custom vases and designs for
customers from all over Europe and America.
If you want to create a particular and personalized design, write us your idea, we will create it exclusively for you.
For more information contact us at info@fasvasi.com

The Products of our Showroom are purely illustrative,
to reserve them you need a minimum order of 12 platforms, total 10,000 pots for each model.
For more information contact us at info@fasvasi.com